Meter Plug
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Ever wanted to lower your electric bill?

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an appliance is costing you.

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A Simple, Small Device

MeterPlug plugs in between any appliance and the AC outlet. It measures your consumption and sends that information over Bluetooth to your smart phone, where the app displays your real costs.

MeterPlug can turn on or off any appliance connected to it.

What the App Does

The app, will display in Dollars or in your local currency, How much money that appliance is costing you. It can display live information, History such as, cost last hour, last day, last week, last month etc.

The app displays your real electricity costs, depending on your location. It can even calculate the cost if your local state or country has different costs for electricity at different times of the day.

MeterPlug Measures Your Electricity


Vampire Power Shield

You can program it to automatically turn off the power to an appliance that is on standby, when it detects that the appliance is consuming vampire power.

Proximity Control

You can program it to turn off an appliance , when you walk away, and turn back on and you walk in.

Manual On/Off

You can manually turn On or Off any appliance connected to MeterPlug within a 100 Foot range.

Vampire Power

There may be appliances acting like vampires —sucking up energy even though the power is switched off.

If you leave your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 on, it will continue to consume roughly 170 watts of power, 24/7. That's about $220 per year!

While testing MeterPlug, we found out that our 50" Sony LED TV consumes $18.25 pear year on Standby. See the video to the right.

Does your TV waste money on standby? Make it automatically turn off when you are not home with MeterPlug!

Save Money

By using MeterPlug, you can find appliances that cost more to run than others, allowing you to calculate better when to run your appliances and for how long. This way, you can understand what appliance is causing your Electric bill to be so high, and where you can save.

The vampire power shield also prevents your appliances from using excess power when you aren't using them!


Setup an Alert or auto-off, when a specific device's running cost goes over a pre-selected amount.


Decide that you would like to use the heater for only $1.5 per day. Your phone will alert you when you have reached that cost, and MeterPlug will automatically turn off the heater.

One or Many…

YYou can have 1 MeterPlug and move it around your house or have many units running at the same time. You can connect to different appliances simultaneously in your house or work and get all that information live on your smart phone.

Range & Capabilities

MeterPlug has a range of about 100 feet, so you can read the information from most places in your home.

MeterPlug has also built-in memory, so it will measure and record the information even when you are not home. Once you are within range, you can download all the consumption history of that appliance.

Full Specs…

MeterPlug measures the electricity your appliances use.


I found out my window A/C was consuming $80 per month. I bought and replaced it for a new one with the same power, but more efficient. It costs to run now $45 per month saving me $35 per month.

Walter M. Boca Raton, FL

My Printer draws $10 per year when on and not actually printing.

Joe S. Seattle, WA

My microwave consumes $6.31 per year when plugged in and not in use!

Peggy S. Miami, FL

I stopped using my portable heater. It costs $3.8 per day just using it at night! That's almost $120 per month.

Scott B. Orlando, FL

My Nintendo Wii consumes $16.5 per year when on and not in use!

Alex T. Albuquerque, NM

Worldwide Databases

The app downloads the actual costs of Electricity based on survey and average databases of the following Places:

  • USA: Average cost per State updated monthly.
  • Europe: Average cost per Country updated regularly.
  • Other Countries: Average cost per Country updated regularly.

More countries to come

We are adding automatic databases for more countries now. You can always enter your local cost per KW/h manually on the settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app know the cost of my home’s Electricity?

The app downloads the average cost of household Electricity cost of all USA States and European countries, updated every month. If you need more accurate numbers, you can always enter your electricity costs manually, in the app’s settings. You can even select different costs for different times of the day.

Will MeterPlug work in 110V or 220V?

Each MeterPlug is designed to work universally from 100V to 240V AC. You could take a USA version, and use it in China, Europe, or Australia. Just the pins don’t match, and you would need a simple local adapter.

Remember that MeterPlug doesn’t convert Electricity. So if you use a USA version, and your country is 220V, don’t plug in 110V appliances.

Are you planning on making plus for Australia, China and Israel?

At this moment we are concentrating on:

  • North American plug: NEMA 5-15 (15 A/125 V grounded)
  • European Plug: CEE 7/7 plug
  • British plug: BS1363
  • China Plug
What if I use an appliance that has no ground pin (2-pin plug)?

MeterPlug doesn’t require a ground pin to measure your consumption. You can even plug in a shaver, and it will still work!

Does MeterPlug have Surge-protection?

No, MeterPlug has no Surge Protection. If you live in an area with increased lighting strikes, it is recommended to plug MeterPlug after a socket or power strip with surge protection.

What is the power consumption of MeterPlug?

0.1Watts. That's about 1 Cent cost per year!

How does "Vampire Shield" work?

When Activated, MeterPlug learns the regular consumption of your appliance. When the consumption goes down but remains "On" for more than a set time, MeterPlug will know this is vampire power, and cut off the power. When your phone is in range, it will turn the power back on. This will greatly help you lower your bill!

There is a manual On/Off button on the side of MeterPlug, in case you're not home, and there is no device at home with Bluetooth 4.0 to turn it back on.

Can you turn MeterPlug On/Off remotely?

Your paired phone must be within the 100 feet range of the MeterPlug to turn the power On/Off.

Can you turn an appliance back on without a phone?

MeterPlug comes with a small side button. Once pressed, it will override and turn on the appliance.

Can more than one phone control a single MeterPlug?

Any Phone/Tablet paired with a MeterPlug, can communicate with it, get consumption readings, and turn it on or off.

How many MeterPlugs can be paired at the same time?

In theory, you can add and pair as many MeterPlugs to your phone as you would like. We recommend not pairing more than 100, as it might slow down the phone's database.

Only one MeterPlug at a time can be accessed from your phone. When you want to use another MeterPlug, just swipe with your fingers on the app and select another MeterPlug.

How does MeterPlug communicate with my Smartphone?

It communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy.

What Smartphones does MeterPlug work with?

MeterPlug works iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, New Ipad, iPad mini, New iPod touch. It also works on Android devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0, running Android 4.0 and newer. We have tested it on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and Note 2, and it works great! (Since the support for Bluetooth 4.0 on the Samsung S3 is bad, we wrote the Buetooth drivers on our own)

Do I need a separate adapter on my phone or special case?

No, you don't need any adapter or special case. MeterPlug will communicate directly with your Smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

What is the range of MeterPlug?

Approximate 100 feet or about 30 Meters.